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Alexandra, Back In Black!

So much great stuff in this set - and Alexandra Ramovich shines like a beacon out of a dark scene, her pale white skin glows, her cock stands firmly to attention, like a pink lighthouse in the storm, her sex appeal an aura flowing out of the scene. Clad in all black, her thigh-high stockings, suspender belt, bra and skirt, and top, could see her as a sexy witch, or a goth girl - but it's neither, it's just Alexandra knowing what works beautifully on her. Great work by Fydor, creating a super hot scene. If you love a very sexy Russian trans girl, with big luscious lips, sexy eyes, a beautiful face, and an amazing body, with that big angry cock. Then get stuck into this set.

3rd May 2024

14:58 HD Video
& 162 Photos

    Rating: 5.00

Agent Orange!

Our sexy girl from Russia returns. Orange haired Lalola is quite striking - her hair gets her spotted from a mile away, but up close we're more interested in that pretty face, those sexy eyes and the big, red, luscious lips. Her boobs are big and perfectly sized for her thicker frame, nice wide hips, a small tummy, and soft thighs inviting you closer. Her cock is hard as a rock and looks ready to explode, her smooth ball sack tight against her and looking almost as hard as that cock. She loves posing and playing with herself in front of the camera, and it's not long before she can't hold back and gets herself a lovely sticky, and satisfying orgasm.

26th Apr 2024

16:42 HD Video
& 153 Photos

    Rating: 4.60

The Mighty Ramovich!

It's not a secret that I think Alexandra Ramovich is one of the hottest and most engaging girls we have on this site. Sultry good looks, 'come to bed' eyes, a sweet and mischievous smile and that utterly banging body that was made to be a pornstar, are just some of her attributes that make her so intoxicating. Those black stay-up stockings really look great on her, and is there really anything better than following a girl's legs up, over the sheer nylon to the promise of a smooth, sexy inner thigh and then panties barely covering a smooth cock and balls, just begging to be released. And when they are released, her cock gets instantly hard - properly hard - and her demeanor changes from 'tease' to 'must have'. The Mighty Ramovich.

19th Apr 2024

16:56 HD Video
& 165 Photos

    Rating: 5.00

Lalola Returns!

I wasn't really happy with Lalola's choice of makeup and hair in her last two scenes - so when Fydor asked if she could return, I was very clear only if ... ... and happily, she took note and looks fantastic in what I feel is her best shoot today. Her orange hair is her trademark, but her makeup here is so much better and shows off her pretty features, her wide eyes, her pouting lips, and her lovely skin all the better. Lalola is about as pale white as they come, and those pale pink nipples are large and swollen, and just show up on her big boobs, her smooth balls and cock matching ... just a hint of pink as she gets harder and more excited. A nice return shoot of this girl - who has a great look and curves in all the right places.

12th Apr 2024

16:47 HD Video
& 136 Photos

    Rating: 4.86

The Finest Cristal!

In her sexy figure-hugging white dress, and black fishnet tights, Cristal looks every bit the sex bomb she is. Her long black hair, and pale white skin both contrast and match her choice of clothes, and only the splash of red lipstick gives any color to her look. This is how she likes to go out, and she knows it attracts men - both her look and her allure are like a flytrap, enticing and encouraging some curious person, to approach and engages with her, looking for the sweetness within. Once in, there is no escape, as you will be a prisoner to her allureness. You are hers, and Cristal knows what she likes and needs.

15th Mar 2024

16:31 HD Video
& 137 Photos

    Rating: 4.00

Cristal's Hot Lips!

Cristal is back and her larger than life lips, are ready to pout, to purse, to kiss, to nuzzle and maybe to slide you cock in between and feel their soft warmth around your shaft, the lipstick rubbing off and leaving a red smear of evidence, her wet mouth and probling tongue swirling around your head, tasting the precum before she pulls back out, and then slides back in again, like soft rubber gripping your cock, and squeezing it tight. When you think you can't take it anymore, she turns on the suction, and a vacuum is formed between her lips and your cock, pulling you inside her, the feeling is intense until you can take it no longer, and release. She pulls back, the air rushes to your cock, and she smiles with cum running down her hot lips.

1st Mar 2024

16:04 HD Video
& 120 Photos

    Rating: 5.00

Lika By The Hour!

You've got one hour. The clock starts now - and Lika is on the bed with her dress on and those stay up stockings looking great. She bends over to show her ass, her big balls and cock straining to get out of the tight panties, as you decide where to start. She pulls her dress up and you lie on the bed next to her, kissing and fondling, feeling up her leg to that smooth inner thigh as you reach around and play with her nipple hearing little gasps coming from Lika's lips. She pulls off her panties and bra, and your head goes down and down - and done again, bobbing up and down as you take her whole shaft deep in your mouth and consider just doing this for the remaining 52 minutes.

12th Jan 2024

17:33 HD Video
& 110 Photos

    Rating: 4.67

Lika's Back!

Lovely Lika returns. This girl has proven to be popular among the followers of this site, and she's got a new look and style to showcase today. In a nice matching black outfit, with her legs in fishnet stockings which look great on her and when she strips down they really set off her body nicely. Lovely small breasts, with dark nipples, a pretty face and a smooth cock that gets hard without a problem and an asshole, which devours that dildo. Another nice set from this cutie.

29th Dec 2023

17:18 HD Video
& 120 Photos

    Rating: 5.00

Take Me From Behind!

This 28-year-old is always horny, and always wants a guy over the fuck her - and she likes it deep and slow, or fast and furious depending on her mood. Her toned body is made to jump on top of a guy, squat over his cock and lower down, and then ride him until both or exhausted. Her ass is made to be high in the air, as she looks over her shoulder, beckoning her guy to enter her and drive into her tight asshole, balls deep, so his big balls slap off her tight scrotum on every thrust, heightening both their pleasure until she feels him tense and cum inside her, which is her cue to let herself go and experience the ecstasy of the orgasm.

15th Dec 2023

17:05 HD Video
& 120 Photos

    Rating: 4.86

Dema Goddess!

One of the prettiest girls on the site in my opinion. She's got a lovely 'baby face' - pretty, demure, and sexy - and a perfect body, slim, toned, super sexy boobs with large dark nipples, seriously those nipples are gorgeous. Her tanned skin framed by her long straight dark hair, and then that sweet little ass, with its inviting hole and a small but very erect cock. Dema loves to get fucked, and is mostly a bottom, and we get to watch her ride her favourite dildo which just touches all the right parts to get her so turned on.

1st Dec 2023

17:18 HD Video
& 119 Photos

    Rating: 4.60

There Is Something About Diana!

I think she's a very well put-together woman, who knows what to wear, and how to do her makeup and hair to really present herself well. And on top fo that, she's got sex appeal and aplomb in the shoots and that's why I love to see her here. She's very slim, with long, long legs and a flat stomach but with some cracking boobs with super big, pink, and very suckable nipples which contrast with that snow-white skin, her long blonde hair set off with those crimson lips reminds me of a 50's screen siren - or a femme fatale. Nice sized cock, had a great look and was just very very sexy.

24th Nov 2023

15:51 HD Video
& 110 Photos

    Rating: 4.33

Getting Nastya In Stockings!

Contrasting lingerie is my favorite, a dark-skinned girl wearing white or in this case, a lovely Russian pale-skinned girl wearing black. The contrast means the lingerie is doing as intended, to enhance the natural beauty and super features of the person wearing them - and Nastya Romanova isn't just any person, she's one of the hottest, and sexiest models on this site and that body was made to hold lingerie, and those long, shapely legs just look super with those black stockings showcasing them. Those eyes draw you in - and as she wraps those stockinged legs around your waist, pulling you closer and locking you in, then she knows that you belong to her.

17th Nov 2023

15:43 HD Video
& 116 Photos

    Rating: 4.43

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My Latest Kitchen Gadget!

Everyone needs to get one of these for their kitchen! The adorable, and extremely sexy Diana Gordan is back for her third shoot and never looked better. When you get your own Diana Gordan for your kitchen, you'll find yourself spending much more time in there, while you weigh her sweet breasts and knead that fine ass, while tasting that sweet mouth and getting some coloring from those dark red, and very sexy lips. If you need something mixing, she's got it handled with that big, hard uncut cock - and when you are ready to put your meat in the oven, it's already warmed up and ready to have it inserted and left there for as long as you want. When you are ready to ice the cake, squeeze the bag, pull the tube, and get that sweet cream out.

10th Nov 2023

15:12 HD Video
& 115 Photos

    Rating: 4.43

The Return of Romanova!

Why has it taken so long for Nastya Romanova to get back in our studios? I can only imagine that she's in high demand with those amazing looks, sultry eyes, awesome body and that super cock. She loves posing and spreading those perfect ass cheeks to show that smooth, pink and very puckered hole which loves attention from a well-meaning tongue, finger, or cock ... but as she gets more excited, her cock starts to stiffen and emerge from the sheath of her foreskin, like an animal awakening from hibernation and looking for prey. Rock hard, purple and shiny - smooth balls, and ass and suck perfection. It's great to see Nastya back here, and looking fabulous.

3rd Nov 2023

15:43 HD Video
& 116 Photos

    Rating: 4.56

Katana Needs You!

She's just slipped into some sexy lingerie and she's on that big white bed, and she's waiting. Her stockinged legs and long, plump inner thighs and a big ass - which she likes nothing more than showing, spreading her cheeks, and pushing out her pink hole that's ready for you. Her wide mouth, with shiny lips and big eyes looking up - are all telling you to come over. When you get on that bed with her, you can run your hands all over that hot body while staring at that doll-like perfection of a face, one hand rubbing her cock, while the other tweaks her pierced nipples, all the time both of you getting harder and ready to fuck.

27th Oct 2023

16:33 HD Video
& 116 Photos

    Rating: 4.43

I Love Alexandra Ramovich!

... as I continue from her previous update, on how much I love Alexandra Ramovich's look. It's that smooth body, with the flat tummy and the ass which isn't super big, but pert and round and just wants to be held - a cheek in each hand as she's drawn close in, standing on tiptoes, her lips glistening. It's her large cock, it's perfectly sized and a beautiful shape, her balls tight and snug in their sack against her crotch as her shapely legs, enhanced by stockings draw the eye down and then back up again to that pristine penis. But I always come back to her face, and the eyes and the lips, and the high cheekbones, her cute nose with singular piercings ... and yes, back to those eyes.

20th Oct 2023

17:09 HD Video
& 117 Photos

    Rating: 5.00

Katana Is Worth The Wait!

She was one of the most popular debut models of 2022 when she had red hair, and it's taken too long to get her back in, but it was worth the wait. Katana is one of, if not the, most prettiest girls on this site, and these new sets showcase that. There is nothing better than a girl lifting her skirt and showing a big, white ass and looking back over her shoulder as if to say 'Come get it' and that's exactly what we want to do as she strips off more to show some gorgeous breasts with pink, puffy nipples and a sweet smooth cock, that stands erect despite having no balls or sack. Black stockings on that milk-white skin. Pretty much perfect.

13th Oct 2023

15:44 HD Video
& 115 Photos

    Rating: 4.86

Ramovich Is Back!

I love her. She's the best model on the site in my opinion, and I've said how much I think all the sets she does are so awesome, so many times, I'm tired of repeating myself. Okay once more - I love her! It's the eyes, that's where it starts anyway, it;s the way she looks at you, one eyebrow slightly raised while those glossed red lips are slightly opened and just the hint of moisture showing. It's how she poses perfectly in every shot, the corners of her mouth just turning up, in a type of amusement that is mischievious, cute and also just slightly aloof. It's when her nice shaped boobs come out of the bra, and are soft and welcoming, her nipples pink and dark against her white skin, and how much I want to lean in and nipple on them. I could go on and on but I'm running out of space ...

6th Oct 2023

16:20 HD Video
& 108 Photos

    Rating: 5.00

Study Day!

Home from college for a day of study is hard for Inga when all her mind is on is sex. This 22-year-old Russian minx is horny and she's going to need to release before she can focus on any schoolwork. She strips off and starts to rub her hands over her body, her cock - young and virile - becomes so hard it's almost painful, it's as hard as marble and she strokes it gently enjoying the slow sliding of her foreskin over her glans. Eventually, she can take no more, and orgasms - the waves going through her body as she squirts her cum out.

25th Aug 2023

16:52 HD Video
& 112 Photos

    Rating: 4.50

Inga Graduates!

Inga debuted on Femout.XXX (our first-timer site) earlier this year, but with the addition of those spectacular new gorgeous boobs, we had to have her for this site. This is another one of our students, skipping college to come and be a pornstar, and we love her natural good looks, big eyes, and those pert lips (all the better to kiss or wrap around a waiting cock). A nice lean and toned body, smooth skin, a round ass with great legs, and a thick, uncut cock that is hard and ready for action.

11th Aug 2023

16:09 HD Video
& 106 Photos

    Rating: 4.67

Alice In Toyland!

Alice is back and she's got unfinished business. Her hole is well satisfied from the first set but she's really horny now and her cock and balls need some very definite attention. A vibrator under her crotch, and around her throbbing asshole which looks relaxed and used, gets Alice's cock to attention and then she just knows exactly the right places to send those vibrations as she increased the power as she starts to reach her peak. Another hot shoot from one of our hottest Russian models who has been appearing here since 2018.

4th Aug 2023

17:04 HD Video
& 119 Photos

    Rating: 4.57

A Bit of Blitz!

Alice Blitz returns and it's been over a year since she last made an appearance here. Alice is always up for a shoot and always makes sure her makeup it perfect, her nails done and she's matching up some very nice lingerie to her clothes and shoes. This girl is a true exhibitionist, and it's not long before she's got her top up to let those lovely breasts show and her bottoms down to show her smooth crotch, awesome cock, and welcoming, smooth dark hole that she loves to have played with. Watch as she shows just how much she loves to be filled, as she rides her dildo, getting more excited each time she pushes her ass down a little further and feels her hole expand and stretch, sending pleasure waves through her body.

21st Jul 2023

16:47 HD Video
& 118 Photos

    Rating: 4.56

Black On White!

I love the contrast of lingerie on a body and when you have milk white skin like Lalola, with pink nipples, pinker cock and balls, and the pinkest asshole, then black lingerie is the way to go and it frames all those good parts of this Russian redhead perfectly. Some hot spread asshole pics here as Lalola is wishing there could be a lineup of men, all horny and all wanting to shoot their loads in her, the more she thinks about that, the harder she gets and the more she spreads her cheeks to show that glistening hole - ready and wanton.

7th Jul 2023

16:19 HD Video
& 120 Photos

    Rating: 4.86

Red Head's Rock!

Lalola Bliznetskaya returns! Our Russian redhead, with pale white, flawless skin is back and she's horny. She starts by showing us her big butt, and thick thighs - her legs covered in fishnet stockings but her ass is free and that pink hole is begging for a tongue lashing. Her smooth balls hang down low, and her cock stiffens as she plays with self and gets rid of her skirt to show full access. Big boobs bounce as she lowers herself onto a pink dildo, feeling the ridges pop into her asshole as she gently slides down on it, and feels every sensation bringing her waves of pleasure.

23rd Jun 2023

16:41 HD Video
& 115 Photos

    Rating: 4.67

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